The Arts for Goodness Association was established on April 15, 2016 – serendipitously coinciding with Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday– to offer wider access to our work and undertake projects that embrace every segment of the society.

Inspired by the Renaissance tradition of active engagement in the arts, we started the movement as Magnum Opus Art Platform. We organized workshop visits, transforming these into a bridge where art lovers across all walks of life meet with art as the common denominator. We created a rich cultural program to follow the relationship between artists and their work, and we visit the workshops where artists have the opportunity to contemplate and create, feel most comfortable, and at liberty.

Since our establishment last year, we have been guests at the workshops of prominent artists representing our country in the international arena. Accompanied by art consultants, we have attended major exhibitions in Istanbul – a city renowned for arts – as well as abroad. We have also focused on the work presented at international art fairs.

Continuing our journey with the “Arts for Goodness” philosophy, we contributed to the education of five young successful and promising art students from Mimar Sinan University’s Fine Arts Faculty, Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture departments.

Since the foundation of the Arts for Goodness Association on April 15, 2016, which coincided, appropriately, with Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday – we have endeavored to reach wider audiences with our project and gain a warm reception from every segment of society.

Aware of the contribution of the arts to a universal perspective, the Arts for Goodness Association will uphold our mission to make Turkey’s voice heard across international platforms and develop the projects that will carry our country’s artists to such platforms.